When looking for a wedding cake there are lots of things to consider! Do you want a traditional tiered cake? Would you like an elegant cupcake tower? Which flavours would you like? Sinfully Delightful can talk through all the options to help make the decision easier.

Our prices start from £260 for a standard 3 tier cake and go up depending on size and decoration required.

Wedding cupcakes start at £2 per cupcake again depending on decoration. 

For a more detailed quote please do not hesitate to contact me.

  • Chocolate Wrap
    Chocolate Wrap
  • Peacock Feather Cupcake Tower
    Peacock Feather Cupcake Tower
  • Dots & Ribbon Wedding Cake
    Dots & Ribbon Wedding Cake
  • Simple Elegance
    Simple Elegance
  • Snowflake Cascade
    Snowflake Cascade
  • Feather Cascade
    Feather Cascade
  • Flower cascade
    Flower cascade
  • Marble and Gold
    Marble and Gold
  • Rose and Lace
    Rose and Lace
  • Blue Hearts
    Blue Hearts
  • Chandelier Wedding Cake
    Chandelier Wedding Cake
  • Rustic Charm
    Rustic Charm
  • Pink Silhouette
    Pink Silhouette
  • Side Rose Cascade
    Side Rose Cascade
  • Silver Lace
    Silver Lace
  • Chalkboard
  • Cascading Butterflies
    Cascading Butterflies
  • Cascading Roses
    Cascading Roses
  • Chandelier Wedding Cake
    Chandelier Wedding Cake
  • Wedding Cupcakes
    Wedding Cupcakes
  • Pearls and Roses
    Pearls and Roses
  • Lace and Roses
    Lace and Roses
  • Cupcake Tower & Grooms Cake
    Cupcake Tower & Grooms Cake